Convert 3x More Leads Into Sales in 30 days or less without frustration.

Alkries CRM helps you to start, converse, and book more appointments on autopilot for your business through SMS, Email, Web Chat, Phone Calls and much more! Scroll down for more details.

double your

speed to lead

Stop missing out on conversations! Streamline all your communication in one place so that you can double your speed to lead and fill your pipeline!

Instantly fill your


Say goodbye to missed sales opportunities!
Alkries CRM schedules appointments for

you automatically so that you can close more deals!

Drive More Phone


Automatically route calls and convert inbound leads to sales opps by connecting directly

with leads who want to talk right now!

build Smart

Nature Campaigns

Get up to an 80% response rate from your leads and customers with Alkries CRM SMART automation campaigns that interact across multiple channels!

gain key insights

into performance

Easily see how well your campaigns and sales team are performing so that you can increase your opportunities and sales!

Save Time & Money

This system replaces $1,472 a month worth of software...

What could your service business do with an extra $17,644 a year?

Alkries CRM can replace software & save you a ton of money, increasing your profits by up to 30% instantly!

Fully Automated AI-Powered Booking

Fully Automated AI-Powered Booking

Generate appointments in your sleep.

See how easy it is to have your very own AI-powered bot book appointments for you without lifting a finger.

Create text conversations with the goal of placing booked appointments on your calendar WITHOUT any human interaction.

Leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning to manage the conversation.

Fully HIPAA Compliant CRM

Our CRM software is HIPAA compliant...

Alkries CRM encrypts your data so you can keep yours and your client information safe.

Industry Leading Features

7 Channel Automated Follow Up

Automatically message leads across multiple channels including SMS, Email, Voicemail, Calls, Facebook Messenger.

AI Appointment Booking

Use Alkries CRM to book appointments for you so that you can focus on what matters the most: closing deals.

Live Call Transfer

Automatically get inbound calls every time a lead is ready to talk and when they schedule on your calendar.

Communication Center

All Your Communications in one Place! Email, SMS, Phone, Voicemail, Facebook, Messenger, Web Chat, and so on!

Mobile App

Close prospects on the go with our mobile app, respond to leads, track statuses, complete reminders, and more.

Team Management

Work as team members to see the system how they see it, track progress, set up campaigns, and more.

Lead Round Robin

Automatically message leads across multiple channels including SMS, Email, Voicemail, Calls, Facebook Messenger, and Web Chat to increase response rates to up to 80%.


Use Alkries CRM to book

appointment for you so that you can focus on what matters the most, closing deals.

Advanced Reporting

Easily see how well your campaigns and sales team are performing so that you can increase your opportunities.

Bonus Offer!

Designed to predictably capture strangers, nurture prospects, and convert customers into promoters!

2 Calendar Templates

Designed to to be easy to use and get prospects to book appointments & decrease no shows.

36 Customizable Email Templates

Customizable email template blueprints for you to customize to nurture leads automatically for two years!

5 Customizable Lead Forms

Use these lead forms to capture leads, book appointments, an encourage re-booking

2 Conversion Rate Optimized Funnels

Use these dynamic & customizable funnel templates as simple websites or as channel-specific landing pages (think Facebook business page website link so you can see where leads are coming from) to generate leads.

2 Sales Pipeline Templates

Customizable sales pipeline blueprints to manage leads for sales, reviews, and referrals to catapult your income.

46 Automated Workflow Templates

The heavy lifting has been done, use these customizable workflows to have everything you could need to capture new leads, persistently deliver value, guide them toward a sale, and then ascend them to become a 5-star review and avid referrer.

Plus 100s more templates added every month!

Seamless Integration

With 100+ Tools

Integrate Alkries CRM With Tools You Already Love With Custom Integrations And Zapier!

Join Happy Alkries CRM Customers

Plans For Businesses

Of All Sizes


  • Great For Startups

  • Great For Local Businesses

  • Smart Notifications

  • Push Notifications via Email, Text, Desktop & Mobile App

  • Team Calendars

  • AI Lead Responding

  • Proposal & Estimates Builder

  • Facebook, Google Ads, & Linkedin Ads Reporting & Integration


  • Everything in Starter+

  • CRM & Pipeline Management Software

  • Create Smart Automation Campaigns (Email Text, Voicemails etc.)

  • Unlimited Email & SMS Marketing Campaign Software

  • Unlimited Blog Software

  • Membership, Community, Course Builder Software


  • Everything in Professional+

  • Unlimited Sales & Marketing Funnel Software

  • Unlimited Websites & Forms Builder

  • Unlimited Surveys & Trigger Link Events

  • Social Media Planner Software

  • Affiliate Referral Tracking Software

Included with all plans

Additional Usage

  • Unlimited Team Accounts

  • Unlimited Contacts

  • Unlimited Calendars

  • Unlimited Web Chats

  • Unlimited Product Creation

  • Invoicing & Order Forms & Text to Pay Capabilities

  • Missed Call Text Back

  • 1 Phone Number For Tracking

  • Google Reputation Management & Integration

  • 2-Way Text & Email Conversation w/ Facebook Integration & GMB

  • Power Phone Dialer & Automated Voicemail Software & Recording

  • 24/7 live chat & video call support for technical assistance. Request a video call in live chat

  • Monthly Rollover Usage Credits

Usage costs in the system

Additional Usage

  • Text Messages: $0.0158 / segment (160 characters)

  • Phone System Making Calls: $0.028/ min

  • Phone System Receiving Calls: $0.017/ min

  • Email Tracking & Messages: $0.0014/email

  • Email Verification: $0.005 / per email verification

  • Premium Workflow Actions: $0.02 / premium workflow action

  • Content AI: $0.18/ per 1,000 words or 0.12/ per image

  • Workflow AI: $0.06/ per workflow

  • Conversational AI: $0.04/ per message

  • Reviews AI: 0.16/review response

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of support do you provide?

Support is at the heart of everything we do so supporting you and your business is our top priority. We offer 24/7 live chat & video technical support in the CRM as well as an easy-to-navigate comprehensive tutorial library for quick answers to your questions.

How Do I Get Started?

Sign up or sign up for a Demo and see how easy our services make business management. We hope you'll join us once you see how we can boost your business.

How Secure Us My Customer Data?

In 2023, data privacy and security is every company's obligation. That's why we ensure compliance with all governing laws and regulations, as well as provide extra protection against security breaches.

How Does Your Automation Work?

We provide comprehensive automation that will execute and automate workflows across your high-value business processes. Our smart campaigns will put SMS, Email, Web Chat, Phone Calls, and Calendar Appointments on autopilot.

Can I Cancel My Account At Any Time?

You can cancel at any time. No need to worry about obligations or contracts.

What Platforms Do You Integrate With?

Our integration spans across multiple platforms for simple and seamless automation. We use Zapier to automate between over 2000 other applications with ease.

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